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Ski school

Ski courses for people from 5 to 50+  and adults to Păltiniş (Arena Platoş).

– Initiation ( learning ski mysteries and the basics of accommodating skis, slope, etc.)

– Intermediate (skiing techniques developed on difficult ground)

– Advanced


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Instructor certification

doni instructor

   – Ski certificate

   – Certificate descriptive supplement ski -instructor

   – Certificate of first aid -SMURD




Small guide for ski training courses:

1. Appropriate ski equipment (ski jacket, ski pants, shirt and pants cotton body, hood, ski socks, ski goggles, gloves)

2. Helmets must be worn by all required (beginners and advanced) for safety reasons.

3. Skis – carvs (wider skis supporting cornering) must be less than 10 cm of student height

4.Boots – purchasing / renting boots 1-2 sizes larger than wearing sneakers / shoes (we offer advices for FREE)

5.Ski sticks – beginners are not  required to use them

For appointments: 0740470069 or Sibiu trips@yahoo.com or completing the contact form the CONTACT page!

To ensure that your request can be honored of our instructors please contact us early. Limited places!

Attention: Preparing for skiing is very important. It consists of basic training (squats, pushups, cardio) and muscle strength exercises (to facilitate lifting from the ground, etc.).

Tip: even if it is fun, it is not recommended to spend all day on the slopes  if you are beginners because there is a high risk of accidents.

Responsability for not listening those advices and the rules on the slope is all yours!The instructor can not be responsible for non-compliance submitted learners.

On request we can make a movie with your progress on skis.


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